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This article covers the way to change TikTok user age, which may only be done by reaching bent customer service.

How to appeal to Change to Your Birthday on TikTok

While you’ll easily change your username and profile picture on TikTok any time you wish, it’s not possible to change your TikTok birthday from the app controls.

To change TikTok user age, you’ll got to contact the app’s customer support and request a birthday update. Here’s the way to roll in the silage.

1. Open the TikTok app on your smart device and tap Me within the lower-right corner.

2. Tap the ellipsis (three dots) within the top-right corner.

3. Scroll down the menu and tap Report a drag.

4. Tap Account and Profile.

5. App Editing Profile.

6. Tap Other.

7. Tap still have a drag.

8. Within the provided field, type something along the lines of “I got to update my birthday on my account because the current date is wrong. I can allotment some ID to prove my actual birthday” and tap Report.

9. Within subsequent day or two, you ought to receive an email from TikTok support at the e-mail address related to your account. The representative should invite a photograph of some government ID that proves your birthday. After you send it to them, they’re going to hopefully update your TikTok birthday with the new date.

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Why Can’t I Update My Birthday within the TikTok App?

TikTok removed the power to vary your birthday in an effort to guard minors from accessing features intended for older users, like direct messaging, purchasing digital gifts, and starting TikTok live stream broadcasts. Many younger users were changing their age on TikTok to access a number of this extra functionality, therefore the choice to do so was disabled.

One downside of this update was that a lot of adult users who rushed through the signup and entered a fake birthday during the method found that TikTok restricted their app use albeit they’re well above the minimum age requirement surely features.

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