unpair apple watch

Whether you are planning to sale or are making a gift of your old Apple Watch, hit a problem that needs a full reset, or simply want to wipe your watch and begin again, you will need to reset and unpair your watch. You can simply do from your iPhone’s Watch app or from the Apple Watch itself during a few simple steps.

Below are instructions on the way to do both, alongside a fast break down on the way to impair your watch’s Activation Lock to be used on another iCloud account. The easiest and fastest ways to unpair and reset your Apple Watch is by using the Watch app on its paired iPhone.

1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone. If you do not know where it’s, you’ll swipe right your Home screen and look for “Watch.”

2. Select the Apple Watch you’re unpairing. The Apple Watches paired together with your iPhone are going to be displayed on the watch app home screen at the highest. Select the one you would like to unpair and reset.

3. Press the orange “i” button on the proper. This may open the menu for the Apple Watch.

unpair apple watch

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4. Tap “Unpair Apple Watch.” A warning will crop up at rock bottom of the screen to counter check that you simply want to un-pair this Apple Watch. Select “Unpair X’s Apple Watch.

5. Await the Apple Watch to un-pair and reset. Your iPhone will display the subsequent message.

6. The Apple Watch will show the two screens below, because it deletes all the old data and resets, able to be paired with a replacement iPhone.

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