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Instagram is that the money-making machine of Facebook. Consistent with a report by Bloomberg, Instagram brought in $20 billion in 2019 through ads. That’s nearly 1 / 4 of what Facebook generated that year. Notably, Instagram makes money through ads as a primary source by tracking the info of its users.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram doesn’t give users the power to limit the info tracked and picked up from the Instagram app. therefore the question arises: are you able to stop Instagram from collecting users’ data? If that is the case, how can one fully stop or limit Instagram from accumulating it? The tiny answer is, “NO.” You can’t stop Instagram from hoarding users’ data.

However, you’ll roll in the hay through Facebook. Although, you’ll only limit the quantity of data collected from Facebook and other third-party apps.

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How to limit Instagram data tracking for ads?

Since Instagram doesn’t give much options to a user to limit the info collection by Instagram and third-party apps, you’ll follow these steps on Facebook to limit data tracking.

1. Initiate the Facebook app and click on on the hamburger icon.

2. Tap on Settings & Privacy and choose “Settings” from the list.

3. Now scroll down and select on “Ad Preferences.

4. Press on “Ad Settings” and hit on “Data about your activity from partners.

5. Switch the Facebook and Instagram switches to off. This setting is besides available within the Instagram app, but Facebook provides more comprehensive options.

6. Furthermore, within the “Ad Settings” menu, press on “Categories wont to reach you.

7. Scroll down and back out of all the “Interest categories” and “Other categories.

By doing so, you’ve denied permission to point out some targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook. Although this may not fully stop Instagram from showing you ads, they’re going to be less relevant since social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) can’t access your data from third-party apps for targeted and creepy ads.

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