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Google Chrome automatically blocks websites that have malicious intent, however, sometimes even the foremost popular browser within the world fails to acknowledge threats. This is where you’ll take it upon yourself to dam certain websites on Chrome. You would possibly even be looking to dam sites on Chrome to extend your productivity and minimize the distractions.

If you are eager to avoid a unwanted website or you just want to limit your visit to social media sites, blocking websites on Chrome from your end may be a fairly easy process.

How to block websites on Chrome?

Google Chrome, unfortunately, doesn’t allow users to dam websites in-house unless you’re a Chrome Enterprise administrator who wants to prevent its employees from visiting an internet site. Thankfully, there are multiple third-party extensions which will help to block websites on Chrome with easy step:

  1. Attend the BlockSite extension page on the Chrome web store
  2. Click on increase Chrome
  3. Again, click on Add Extension within the pop-up window.(After installing BlockSite on Chrome, you’ll see an orange-colored icon alongside your other Chrome extensions on the highest right corner)
  4. Visit the web site that you simply want to dam on Chrome
  5. Click on the BlockSite extension icon then click on Block this site
block websites


In order to block several websites on Google Chrome, click on the BlockSite extension icon and click on Edit Block List. Now, on the extension settings page, enter an internet site URL within the box and tap on + icon. To unblock an internet site, simply click on the “-” icon on the BlockSite settings page.

You should be sure that password protect the Block Site settings page or the blocked website, in that condition people won’t be able to unblock the websites without your permission. Block Site also enables users to line a blocking schedule for websites. You will be able to block even specific words where in the extension will block some sites on Chrome if it includes the blocked words. This is able to be useful if someone tries to go to an internet site through messing up the URL.

Note that you simply can only barricade to 6 websites within the free version of BlockSite.

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