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YouTube has a built-in live streaming feature that lets you generate live videos from the desktop or the YouTube app on your smartphone. It’s effortless to go live on YouTube and share real-time video with your channel’s subscribers. Here’s what you need to know to get started broadcasting yourself on YouTube.

Requirements Live Streaming on YouTube

Before you can live stream, you need to perform a one-time setup that verifies your account. This make sure you’re not a bot, and that you certify to live stream. To certify for live streaming, you need to not have any limitations on your account. Here is what will ban you from live streaming:

  • You have one or more than one YouTube community guidelines strikes against your account.
  • You’ve previously had a live stream that was blocked internationally.
  • You’ve had a previous live stream with a copyright put-down notice.
  • Your live stream comprises a copyrighted live broadcast.

Also, while anyone without any account restrictions can live stream from a browser on their computer, you need to have a minimum of 1000 channel subscribers in order to live stream from your phone or other mobile device.

How to start Live for the First Time

One time you’re verified, then you can create your first livestream on YouTube. It’s a quick (and mostly painless) operation.

  1. In a web browser, open YouTubeand click the video icon, then click Go live.
  2. You will probably need to give the browser permission to use your webcam.
  3. Configure your first live stream. Give the video a name, and select the level privacy you want. You can make the video communal, only for people who have a link to the video, or private for you only. 
  4. You need to indicate if the video is made specifically for children.
  5. Click Next.
  6. YouTube will deliver a short countdown and take a snapshot for the video thumbnail. Be ready!
  7. When you’re ready to go live, click Go Live. You’ll now be broadcasting live.
  8. When you’re done broadcasting, click End Stream.
  9. Finally, you have a choice to edit the video in YouTube Studio—this lets you trim the start and end and make other simple improvements to the video—or click Dismiss to records the live stream in the Studio. 
live stream on youtube

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How to Manage Your Live Stream on YouTube

After you generate one or more live streams, you can always find them recorded in YouTube Studio. They never run out automatically, so they will be there unless you choose to delete them. 

  1. In a web browser, open YouTube. Click your account inclusion at the top right of the page, and then click YouTube Studio.
  2. On the Studio page in the navigation on the left, click Videos.
  3. Atop the list of videos, click Live to switch to your live streams.
  4. Now that you can see your live streams, you can click videos to edit them. If you want to delete a live stream, click the selection box to the left of the video and then click More actions from the menu across the top of the video list. Then click Delete forever.
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