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WhatsApp is one among the simplest and famous communication platform, where you’ll easily communicate your all the buddies or families without wasting some time just employing a phone or an application,You know WhatsApp is consistently bringing new features to their app, they need users to use their apps more than more and that they had best, I personally wish to use WhatsApp for fast communicate.

Recently I saw that Instagram and Snapchat added a replacement feature on their Story basically they’re now supporting to feature external links on their story, I mean now you’ll add links on your Instagram and Snapchat profile,I know this is super cool for bloggers or marketers, but this is often more cool and amazing for bloggers or marketers you recognize that WhatsApp also brings the features on their platform also, I mean now you’ll add links on your WhatsApp story or status, Also, examine The WhatsApp Business Account So during this article, I will be able to show you the step by step process to feature links on your WhatsApp status, here I will be able to show you the simplest thanks to do this, you don’t got to do many work for add links on your WhatsApp story, just follow my all the instruction on this text:

WhatsApp Status

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Add Links on WhatsApp Status or Story Step by Step Process

• You must got to open your WhatsApp app then you would like to travel to the Status tab.

• Then click on the floating Pencil icon at rock bottom.

• Then here you only Paste your URL, “Type a status”.

• Also, you’ll change your background color or font of the text by clicking the icons present at rock bottom.

• At the last Click Send button (Green floating icon).

That’s all now you see your link was added on your WhatsApp status if you would like to ascertain the links on another phone then go and devour another phone and find your WhatsApp account and see is your link there if your link was showing on there then click and therefore the test is your link working or not!


I think now you’ll do that on your WhatsApp account, its simple to feature links on WhatsApp status, also, if you’ve got any problem regarding this subject then please let me know by commenting definitely I will be able to solve your problems very soon! Also, please share my article on your friends if you are doing that then they’re going to also realize this subject.

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